Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs relate to commercial applications including fleets, garages, and other commercial partners requiring embedded vehicle data. To learn more about the VOYO consumer product, please click here.

There are two types of VOYO controllers. The VOYO LTE unit is designed for applications that require a constant connection to the cloud. The VOYO BTLE unit is designed for consumers and connects to the cloud using a mobile phone running the VOYO app or application with the VOYO app API. Both devices connect to a vehicle using the OBD-II port and have custom integration options available.

The VOYO controllers provide the most advanced vehicle data and analytics of any aftermarket system. In addition to GPS and accelerometer data, the VOYO LTE controller provides data on 100+ parameters that cover engine health, emissions readiness, MIL status, driver behavior and weather conditions.  Advanced VOYO data is typically available on US and Canadian vehicles that are 2008 model year or newer with basic data available for US and Canadian vehicles manufactured since 1996.

The VOYO controllers run advanced diagnostics at a rate of once per minute while the vehicle is running. The Scan Pro feature reads manufacturer and generic codes from all vehicle controllers and includes symptom byte data, code status and name of controller that set the code. LTE controllers support additional features such as freeze frame data, engine health/emission readiness PIDS and MIL status. Other service-related data includes odometer, fuel level, remaining oil life and tire pressure.

The VOYO platform supports Lookout Alerts which are analytics that provide real time warnings when a vehicle has experienced a malfunction or is operated unsafely. Alerts can be made available by SMS message, email or embedded within an ERP level system. We have also partnered with 3rd party developers Intelematics on their FailSAFE application for predictive battery failure.

We provide alternative API options to provide data from the VOYO controllers including web APIs for cloud-to-cloud integration and app APIs for mobile app development. Contact us to determine which option best meets your requirements.

VOYO provides data for 3rd party solutions including fleet, shop management and CRM applications.  The data and APIs are an excellent method to upgrade investments in existing legacy systems with cutting edge capabilities.

The VOYO app works with both the VOYO LTE and BTLE devices. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile phones and is an excellent option to manage fleets of up to 20 vehicles. The app provides vehicle locations in real time and displays historical trip information, Scan Pro diagnostics, Lookout Alerts, and information on vehicle operating parameters including odometer, fuel levels, tire pressure, and remaining oil life. Lookout Alerts and Scan Pro results are displayed within the VOYO app and are also sent by SMS message and email.

We work closely with companies developing new solutions that require custom data, analytics and/or edge computing capabilities. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements and available testing options.