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Integrate advanced vehicle data with existing cloud based systems such as fleet management and shop programs, or use in the VOYO app. Diagnose vehicles remotely, keep fleets on the road, and monitor driver safety in real time.

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VOYO and Shop-Ware deliver insights and automation to drive a new level of operational efficiency for shops based on type of repairs required, availability of customer vehicles, lead time to parts ordering, and staff scheduling.

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We have partnered with Fleetio to provide fleets with Scan Pro, Lookout Alerts and other VOYO features. VOYO and Fleetio will increase fleet uptime, reduce operating costs and monitor driver safety in this best-of-class solution.

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Tire health is a key component in vehicle readiness and operational efficiency.  SightLine is a suite of advanced analytics that detect and report dangerous tire conditions including low pressure, leaks and high temperature.

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One of the most prevalent “no start” conditions faced by fleets is caused by bad batteries. Intelematics uses analytics to predict a battery failure 4-6 weeks in advance. Get your vehicles in for inspection before losing valuable uptime from dead batteries.

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Fleetyr provides systems integration services that now include the VOYO platform. Boost legacy ERP systems or create custom analytics based on VOYO advanced data. Receive actionable insights for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable fleet.

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